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Anonymous asked:
Have you read the comic Forming by Jesse Moynihan? You two are some of the coolest brains in comics and should collab to make the most psychedelic shiz ever.


Yes. I love Jesse’s work. 

We did collaborate recently on an episode of Adventure time that’ll be out later this season. It was really cool getting the chance to work with him. He does have a good brain. I was really impressed at how he was able to bring in some real emotional weight to the story we worked on. I hope it turns out well in the final cartoon. 

And me and my pal Robin interviewed Jesse recently. You can hear it here. 


A page from my sketchbook with drawings I did of Tom Herpich and Jesse Moynihan— and Jesse drew the many faced dude on the right.

This was part of the Inkstuds LA tour with interviews you can hear here.

These guys do amazing work. 


Episode 336 ~ 8-8-2014


Japanese stamp from 1937

(via zeekubeast)


Bryan Lee O’Malley and Jamie Hernandez drawings of my character Sexica from Multiple Warheads. 

These were done at a vegetarian restaurant before we all did a talk at Meltdown comics.

Right now there’s interviews with O’Malley and Hernandez up on the Inkstuds site. here  and the meltdown talk (with Pen Ward and Tom Herpich will go up soon) 


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